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Is Your Back or Neck:
•    Resulting in lost work?
•    Limiting Leisure activities?
•    Causing you to consider surgery?

If you answered YES to any of these questions,
It's time you ask about the REVOLUTIONARY -  3D ACTIVE TRAC
What is 3D Active Trac?
The 3D Active Trac is new breakthrough in non-surgical decompression/traction treatment of the back and neck.

What makes the 3D Active Trac unique?
The 3D Active Trac combines traction, decompression, and 3D movement all in one device.
This allows us to position your body perfectly for treatment, to address underlying problems
that are unique to you. Since the spine moves in many directions, it only makes sense that
the table does too. The 3D Active Trac provides a safe and effective way to deal with back
and neck pain and help avoid unwanted surgery.

How does the 3D Active Trac work?
Decompression combined with specific positioning takes pressure off structures in your back
and neck that are causing pain. After just one treatment on the 3D Active Trac, patients have
reported less pain and more mobility. Patients around the world have found relief from chronic
pain, herniated disc, degenerative disc disease and sciatica with this cost-effective treatment.

The 3D Active Trac works by providing a gentle spinal decompression/traction.
It's painless and research has shown it to be 70-80% effective with the most severe of cases!!!
Just lie down, relax and start feeling better.

Join other patients who have been successfully treated with 3D Active Trac by contacting:
Dr. Edvard Gerega, D.C.  at Fulton Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic - 1-815-589-3291

Sign up using the form below or call us at 772-781-9221
to make your appointment.

THIS ---->https://fultonchiropractic.chiromatrixbase.com/3d-active-trac.html

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3D Spine Simulator

 3D Spine Simulator

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